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“Games under Capitalism” – an #indiE3 presentation 

[Part 1 begins at 01:35:00] [ Part 2 ends at 00:33:00 ]

games under capitalism

Warning: not to be read by someone expecting complete ideas or full sentences. Literally, this is just stuff I worked out of my head. It’s not entirely complete because I was also texting myself thoughts during the same time period, which I may transcribe at a later date. Read the rest of this entry »

information economies

where do we begin to build away from capitalism 

we try to create new economies with crypto-currency

shift away from resource extraction and into resource generation

what is there but information?

what is new media?

New Media is a new category; a new discrete syntax term, the limits of which reflect the limitations of the object-oriented, colonial epistemology that created it.

New Media is a capitalist term; it describes new tools that come about through the process of digitization, the construction of virtual systems, or the organization of digital information. The Internet in its entirety is not “new media”—this network of analog cables and interstellar satellites are seldom referred to this way. Read the rest of this entry »