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to be a victim

what does
it mean to
be the victim—the
corpse, the
strangled, the
hidden, the

what does the
victim know,
what does the
victim know;
how is the
victim, the
opaque cellophane, the
object a
knowing thing. Read the rest of this entry »

obligatory pedagogical reflection

janeway 18

This term I spent a lot of time reconfiguring one of the broadest facets of my teaching: the epistemological framework that I use to justify my pedagogical practice. This framework relates how people “produce” knowledge and experience learning; it’s what I use to both predict and design appropriate contexts that facilitate specific learning outcomes. As a tool, I use this framework to make assumptions about the most appropriate course of action when I’m performing as a teacher/facilitator/instructor/etc.—in other words, this framework constitutes a facet of my subjectivity. In working with the course material for P155: Public Oral Communication, I’ve come to appreciate an understanding of how students should embody an ethic and model a literacy in the workshop environment. I have yet, though, to refine the techniques I use to specifically shape a subjectivity for my students that provides them with ethical strategies for both answering self-inspired questions and motivating independent learning. Put another way, I would like to develop strategies for strategies because at the moment, it feels as though I have conditioned my students into utilizing me as their primary tool, rather than as a reference to refine their engagement with course texts and other tools. Read the rest of this entry »

knowledge is not an object

Knowledge is not an object;
knowledge is a relationship
we imagine between our
memories of phenomena, that which
we call “information.”

“Relationship” describes a
dimension of information that
explains the behavior or
appearance of
phenomena that
we process into
understanding. Read the rest of this entry »