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What is a feminist game? I don’t pretend to know.

Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights. There is no such thing as one “feminism;” rather, the term intends to unite many ideas and projects that coalesce around either the liberation of oppressed people (women, people of color, LQTBQ community, etc.) or the pursuit of social equality.

In the contemporary moment I relate games to bounded arenas of power and control—there are very few (if any) games I can think of that make fun of universal equality.

This blog serves as a space to transcribe thoughts and ideas—I like to draw attention to patterns, but I am not inclined to offer prescriptive, essential rules, norms, or ideologies. I am more comfortable situating myself at the boundaries of everything, and I am conditioned towards skepticism at the presentation of anything that assumes purity.

If you find this place of use to you, please consider supporting my research. All funds received via Bitcoin will be put towards acquiring literature that helps me to better understand various cultural spaces and networks. I live on a salary of <$15k/year as a graduate student at Indiana University—sufficed to say I love libraries and necessarily seek out works online, but sometimes that access is not enough. I also take recommendations; please feel free to tweet them at me.


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