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quo magis speculativa, magis practica

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reconciling the self as a limited form of expression

I am an expression of my own potentiality; within a milieu of energy, my potential is in constant flux, and so the limits of my expression are always changing.


if everything is energy -> expression & form,

then i guess friendship is like resonance.

where is the body

there is only expression and form.

form limits expression; form is a constellation of expression.

when we escape to the virtual world it is because we are searching for a new form. our bodies in the real world are form, and the limits to our expression are arbitrarily constrained—not by the body itself, but by all of the other forms that only exist to limit the body.


subjectivity is dead

i am the expression of many intersecting and interwoven systems of governance.

subjectivity is as illusive as peace and objectivity.

what is your song