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my decolonization project

what does it mean to value, appreciate, feel fulfilled in building of relationship between systems and yourself that is not about power, control, and domination?

from saloon and into space

Dear Anthony Burch,

My apologies for making you and your work—really, the work done and maintained by many at Gearbox—the subject of my scholarship. Academia has a way of making everything uglier than it really is.

If you, or anyone else, cares to read it, it’s available here. I don’t have any plans to publish it per se, but if you find any mistakes/errors of any kind, I would appreciate the note.

Love the games,


reading the politics of admittance in games

Dear Daniel,

Thanks for your thoughts on the article that I passed along last week. In hindsight, I apologize for sending what was a dense piece of work. I had honestly not read it in a few months, so spending this weekend to re-read it was both a joy and a regret—this is how academia tends to spoil people’s social minds.

For other people who may not know what we’re talking about, I sent you an article penned by Rey Chow, a Chinese-American cultural critic, specializing in 20th-century Chinese fiction and film and postcolonial theory. This post makes reference to Chapter 5: The Politics of Admittance in The Rey Chow Reader, edited by Paul Bowman. The article offers a reading and critique of how Freud and Fanon articulate the relationships between community formation, race, and sexuality. It was first published in 1995.

Now, why did I send it? I suppose because I read postcolonialism as a project that (in part) grapples with the practice of equality and inclusivity. I find Chow’s article helpful in thinking about the ways in which communities are formed in and around videogames. Read the rest of this entry »