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draft: More in Work than Words RPG

In a continuation of my design-based methodology for understanding games and pedagogy, I lay here my most recent draft of Version 2.0 of More in Work than Words. In this iteration, the game takes a very distinct and recognizable form—not because I set out to copy the genre conventions of table-top RPGs, but because I arrived at various conclusions about the game design that necessitated certain genre-specific elements.

Anyways, I need to get back to finishing up a final exam & second draft of the larger paper this game inspired.

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Game Rules
map closeup



“Agency, then, goes beyond both participation and activity. As an aesthetic pleasure, as an experience to be savored for its own sake, it is offered to a limited degree in traditional art forms but is more commonly available in the structured activities we call games. Therefore, when we move narrative to the computer, we move it to a realm already shaped by the structures of games. Can we imagine a compelling narrative literature that builds on these game structures without being diminished by them? Or are we merely talking about an expensive way to rewire Hamlet for the pinball machine?” (382)
  • Navigation 1: Story in the Maze
  • Navigation 2: Rapture of the Rhizome
  • Giving Shape to Anxiety: “Violence Hub”
  • Journey Story & Problem Solving
Janet Murray says that games, “can be experienced as a symbolic drama.” (393) Can you take the elements of an existing story and turn it into a game? Use one or more of the techniques listed above to make a new version of “The Blue Umbrella” (http://vimeo.com/93015909) that gives the “interactor” agency in the construction of a narrative.

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