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knowledge is not an object

Knowledge is not an object;
knowledge is a relationship
we imagine between our
memories of phenomena, that which
we call “information.”

“Relationship” describes a
dimension of information that
explains the behavior or
appearance of
phenomena that
we process into
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Knowledge is predated by information. Information is first input, a channel of energy. Energy is everything, and so knowledge is simply one way of packaging it. 

stahp pikachu

an alternative gospel

*in some ways, parenting is first about teaching a child about the material world—the things we believe to be solid and fixed, literally and figuratively. “parents” “mom and mom” “dad and dad” “mom and dad” etc.

the transition into adulthood seems to be one of uprooting the foundations of what people believe to be the material world. adultness or maturity is often understood by a person’s capacity for open-minded thought, but how does one become open-minded? it comes from being lied to, learning that not everything people tell you is “true.” having an open-mind is a polite way of reframing a filter/censor that, over time, becomes more adept at hearing ideas, then organize them, then articulating why something is “shit” or “not shit.”

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