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Foreclosing Possibility in Virtual Worlds:
An Exploration of Language, Space, and Bodies
in the Simulation of Gender and Minecraft

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This thesis is a textual analysis and discourse analysis that examines the social and programmatic construction of the videogame Minecraft by interrogating how code, design, and fan modifications limit and facilitate play in and outside the game. This thesis will argue that the constitution of gender—and subjectivity, more broadly—is reflected in the language, space, and bodies that shape the boundaries of the virtual world. What makes a player “cyborgian” when they embody a virtual avatar may have less to do the abstraction of agency into a computerized self and more to do with the way in which humans create and maintain conduits to exist between worlds that are both digital and material.




was going to just delete this paragraph of word vomit from the top of my thesis introduction, but something is compelling me to keep it. i present this word vomit as it has existed for the last several days; it is ephemera. fwiw, it would probably be better forgotten:

the danger in assuming that politics are benign: the virtual world becomes the preferred world because it allows for the cyborg body in a way that materializes the subjective self in a way that is not damaging to the environment. the cyborg is co-optable in a humanistic project that seeks to divorce the perceived self from the material world: transcendence. security is always bodily relational; how able is the body to resist change, a perceived process of (in part) erasure. 

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