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teaching philosophy statement

The Teaching Philosophy Statement is a document that doctoral students are often asked to iterate throughout their graduate study in order to prepare them for the job market. This is my first crack at it, written at the conclusion of my first term in Ph.D school. 


All my life, my education has been greatly informed by an exposure to critical, ethical people, who have been generous with their time and resources as they helped me ascend from various scaffolds to the person I am today. In my classroom, I work to provide those same opportunities that are often afforded to me, but in a context that is always relevant to each individual student. Students, I believe, are their own best teachers; me—I’m at best a facilitator, a classroom-designer. I work diligently to model the praxis of my teachers, but I also demand from my students the time and commitment they need to explore and understand the various facets that define different modes of problem-solving. In my classroom, I value a diverse and broad subset of knowledges, and it is in that space that I simply ask students to relate what they know (or what they think the know) to what I know and what their peers know. Read the rest of this entry »


to be a victim

what does
it mean to
be the victim—the
corpse, the
strangled, the
hidden, the

what does the
victim know,
what does the
victim know;
how is the
victim, the
opaque cellophane, the
object a
knowing thing. Read the rest of this entry »

to be

knowledge is not power.


therein lies power,

the exemplar of understanding, exercising, and comprehending.