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quo magis speculativa, magis practica

pathways into sts


i was supposed to be deep into helldivers, but the wireless card driver (i guess?) running on my bootcamp partition was acting up last night. in the middle of what was supposed to be fun time, i check twitter—like you do while windows decides to install ‘updates’ for 10 minutes instead of restarting like you asked. Read the rest of this entry »

Review: The State of Play

Book: The State of Play: Creators and Critics on Video Game Culture
Edited by Daniel Goldberg and Linus Larsson

The State of Play is an edited collection of short articles from a variety of contemporary videogame critics, whose professions and backgrounds are diverse and varied. Several contributors teach and write to the academic community; others have made some money making games and writing critically about their play experiences. If there is some question about method, this volume serves to exemplify what a diversity of critical lenses looks like for a seemingly complex and sometimes esoteric medium. While the concept of play is a guiding heuristic for the editors of this collection, the book as a whole is perhaps better conceived of as a curiosity cabinet from which readers can examine different—none seemingly better or worse—modes of critical engagement with respect to games. In addition to more traditional forms of textual analysis, the collection also demonstrates how letters, choose your own adventures, and abbreviated historiographies work in the proverbial toolbox for critical writing. If the goal of this volume is to seed conversations about the landscape of contemporary critical game analysis and design, it succeeds. It does so by situating together authors who use personal experience or political ethos to index different relationships people can develop with other people/players or games themselves. Read the rest of this entry »

more word play

why do you think that games will matter
where do you find the will to play
what do these games provoke inside you
how do make the makers pay

rip out your heart and see inside you
there’s nothing to see or touch and feel
flickering virtues spin the cypher
whose been played? what’s the game?

ever cycling faster and faster
which is the source, what hurts or hertz?
round and round and round we go
into the hole—is it black or unknown?

meandering thoughts on securities?

safety: when people formalize survival into infrastructure

security: when people make choices that preserve safety infrastructure

virtual infrastructures: when people choose to digitize information in the preservation or conservation of material resources and responsibilities

virtual safety: when people are protected from the instrumentalization of digitized information

virtual security: when people omit or exclude information in the digitization process

cybersecurity: when places make choices about which [null reference] are virtually secure


here is a thing:

this thing: you think there is a problem with it

to investigate the problem, you untangle (to the best of your ability) the thing. Read the rest of this entry »


it’s a funny feeling, being unmotivated to type. it’s not that the words don’t come… it’s just that i can’t coax them out onto the screen. they flood the pages of my notebook these days, but encouraging them elsewhere has been a failure.

or perhaps it is not the words that have been traumatized by the screen, but the areas of my body involved in the cognition of typing. this is, perhaps, how i’ve come to tell myself that what i was doing wasn’t working, what i need to do requires silence and contemplation, and what other people need from me is less important than what i need to develop for myself.

it feels nice to write—it hasn’t always. the dissonance resonates with distant memories about writing in a diary that would never be private. more today than then, the performance of my self expression would seem to be its own resource that i exploit for the pleasure of others—it helps to keep me fed and warm. not always happy, but alive.

is that what this blog is…alive?

more nonsense

playing a game is so entirely inconsequential
playing a game is so entirely a waste of time
playing a game doesn’t matter
playing a game
playing a game
playing a game
what are you going to do with your life?
what are you going to do with your life?
play a game
play many games
games are fun to play
fun, funny, funtastic
elastic, plastic, and entirely dividuatable
games control your lives
your many yous, your many lives
games provide incentive to
lives that are not compulsory
lives that do not matter
lives that have yet to exist
plan for the future!
step right up; claim your game!


Politics of Good and Bad
are a sorting machine;
working in tandem,
they process excrement on the
internet and
sort objects into
piles of
good and bad for

it doesn’t matter which
you choose,
both piles serve as
valuable commodities in the
market because the
serves those who exist to
reinforce and
those who exist to

to disrupt the
you must abstain from
participating as
part of the machine.

Machine requires
who will also
co-facilitate the
exchange of goods and
services in the

without a machine, these
individuals struggle with
accumulating enough
energy for a
phase transition; like a
gas that longs to
be a liquid.

post-industrial Capitalism
facilitates the
condensation of
individuals into fluids, and
that is why—
despite the harm
it facilitates—
individuals will not readily
abandon capitalism.

there is nothing
more important than the
feeling of fluidity.