by ibull

here is a thing:

this thing: you think there is a problem with it

to investigate the problem, you untangle (to the best of your ability) the thing.

this is what you find:

this is a system.

to improve the system, you first break it along one of the component parts:

you suggest that this one element or set of elements constitutes The Problem:

you remove or replace one of the component parts and reassemble the whole.

the system is complete, but the thing tangles in the same general way as it did before.

now the thing is truly ugly, and you investigate further—what makes the thing ugly? can the whole be saved from its constitutive parts?

the more you study and the more you learn, the more you begin to hate the things between the constitutive parts of the thing:

you hate the relations and norms that constitute unification

but now you can no longer hate the thing;

you and the thing share a profound reality.

now you empathize with the thing.