knowledge is not an object

by ibull

Knowledge is not an object;
knowledge is a relationship
we imagine between our
memories of phenomena, that which
we call “information.”

“Relationship” describes a
dimension of information that
explains the behavior or
appearance of
phenomena that
we process into

Our cognitive ability to
process information
is contingent on many
dimensions of reality that
intersect in order to constitute
our physical and
imagined bodies.

seven of nine7

edited: post script

Our senses,
our education are
imperfect tools with which we use to
process phenomena because
tools operate to
dilate, distort, and manipulate
time/space configurations,
they do not permit the body to
collapse as one
space/time because the
body is not an object the
body is a series of
relationships, an interface with
sociology, history, biology, physics…
It is our senses,
our tools that
distinguish us from
various phenomena.

My ice cream cannot
eat me because
my ice cream does not have a
tool with which to
consume my skin,
my saliva, my teeth, my nails;

and when a
white cop does not
acknowledge the
humanity of a
black man, that
black man does not have the
necessary tool with which to
combat the gun, the
tool manufactured to
transform phenomena into
objects no longer considered a