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Month: June, 2014


“Games under Capitalism” – an #indiE3 presentation 

[Part 1 begins at 01:35:00] [ Part 2 ends at 00:33:00 ]

games under capitalism

Warning: not to be read by someone expecting complete ideas or full sentences. Literally, this is just stuff I worked out of my head. It’s not entirely complete because I was also texting myself thoughts during the same time period, which I may transcribe at a later date. Read the rest of this entry »

reconciling the self as a limited form of expression

I am an expression of my own potentiality; within a milieu of energy, my potential is in constant flux, and so the limits of my expression are always changing.


was going to just delete this paragraph of word vomit from the top of my thesis introduction, but something is compelling me to keep it. i present this word vomit as it has existed for the last several days; it is ephemera. fwiw, it would probably be better forgotten:

the danger in assuming that politics are benign: the virtual world becomes the preferred world because it allows for the cyborg body in a way that materializes the subjective self in a way that is not damaging to the environment. the cyborg is co-optable in a humanistic project that seeks to divorce the perceived self from the material world: transcendence. security is always bodily relational; how able is the body to resist change, a perceived process of (in part) erasure. 

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