Racism, Media, Protest

by ibull

UO Coalition to End Sexual Violence

The history of media coverage of sexual assault is steeped in racism. Members of the UO-CESV recognize the history of white supremacist uses of rape and are very concerned about how media attention to this case may be framing our protests and concerns in a way that plays into longstanding racist narratives. It is important to note that this case does not reflect the typical demographics of race and sexual assault and we need to be scrupulous in bringing all perpetrators to justice, regardless of their race, class, or sexual identity.

We are also very conscious of the fact that women of color have been raped with impunity by men of all races. The intersections of racism, sexism, and economic disadvantage have been used to silence their testimonies and deny them justice. Contemporary research illustrates the continued vulnerability of women of color as well as LGBTQ community members to sexual violence, and we…

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